Complete relaxation for our guests

The Severin*s Resort & Spa offers a variety of unparalleled spa services on 2000 square meters in the heart of the island of Sylt.

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Dreamlike themed saunas, a spacious swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gym with daily classes, a spa café and an oriental hammam await you at the Severin*s Resort & Spa.

Among all the important things we do every day, we often forget the most important thing: ourselves. Enjoy the tranquility, with plenty of time and space to rediscover yourself. An appointment at out Day SPA also gives you access to our spacious and elegant spa oasis.

Our philosophy


Get away for a while - surrender to the elements of Sylt at the Severin*s Resort & Spa and satisfy your longing for health, freedom and serenity. Enjoy the time, tranquility and nature, and in this refuge you can find a new, positive attitude and find your inner balance.
The unique natural scenery of Sylt, between endless dunes and heath landscapes, strong sunlight and the expanse of the sea, were the inspiration of this compilation for an unparalleled depth of treatments.

Eine Frau sitzt auf einer Bank im Saunabereich
Eine Frau liegt im Bademantel auf einer Liege auf der Terasse des Spa Bereichs und liest in einer Zeitschrift
Zwei Tassen stehen auf einem Tablett. Eine Tasse wird aus einer Teekanne befüllt.
Eine Frau liegt auf dem Rücken auf einer Massagebank und ihr linker Arm wird massiert
Spa Manager Henrik Schuster Hotel Severin*s Resort & Spa Sylt

Henrik Schuster

Spa Manager

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to make an appointment, please send me your non-binding inquiry for your reservation or contact me at:

04651 460 66 522 or spa@severins-sylt.de