Tipken’s by Nils Henkel


Photo Art by André Wagner at Tipken's on Sylt

The photo artist André Wagner confronts the elemental forces of nature with his unique art. He finds his inspiring motifs on journeys all over the world - encounters and landscapes shape his work, his focus here is on inspiration from the countries of New Zealand and India. This is also the case with the Finnish birch forest, which seems to be an excerpt from a romantic fairytale scene. With this work of art, André Wagner manages to preserve moments for eternity in an expressive and aesthetic way. 

Significance of the photographs by André Wagner at Severin*s Sylt

We deliberately decided to purchase the Birch Forest pictures because they fit in perfectly with the ambience of our house, both in terms of their pictorial message and their perfect quality. The sun-drenched forests of Finland bring a tender touch of optimistic liveliness into the room. Warm tranquillity that confirms to your subconscious what you have chosen Severin*s Sylt for: Breathing deeply, relaxing and feeling good at the highest level. 
In addition, this fresh and natural green is also a tribute to your culinary experiences with us in the house, because it is precisely this fresh naturalness that you will also find on your plate.

Birch Forest in Finnland
Birch Forest in Finnland
Birch Forest in Finnland

André Wagner as a photo artist at Severin*s Sylt

As in his moving photographs of people in India, the partly mystical imagery of André Wagner's fire and landscape photographs touches the soul of the viewer. The messages conveyed to the subconscious, such as the will to live, the flow of time, the interaction of emergence and decay, hope and harmony, as well as the significance of the moment in eternity, make his pictures so special. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that his photographic works can be found not only in our house, but also in numerous private and institutional collections (Vattenfall, Rothschild, ...), in executive suites and museums all over the world, where they captivate people. In addition to major exhibitions such as the Biennale di Venezia or Photo Basel, the PULSE Miami Beach Contemporary Art Fair, Wagner has been a pioneer in the field of digital art certificates for several years. 

Creation of the birch forest photographs

For the past ten years, André Wagner has been on several trips to the east of Finland in search of the most beautiful light-flooded forests for extra large-format wall paintings.

The artist himself says: "I have been to Finland several times to immortalise these magnificent birch forests. Once I have discovered the right place, I have to find the angles, the details and perspectives that will best express my image idea in a photograph. The most important ingredient here is undoubtedly the light. I only had a small window of a few minutes every day to get the light I needed. So a bit of preparation was necessary to have my technique appropriately configured in the right place at the right time. But I'm totally thrilled with the result this time too."

The photographs you can find in our hotel are Wagner's latest Birch Forest works from the summer of 2022. At the moment André Wagner is working on a mystical series here on Sylt. If you would like to take a look at these works, please visit his gallery.

Photographs by André Wagner: Magical & Unique

Whether people or situations, fascinating landscapes or meaningful details between the glaciers in Iceland, in the mountains of New Zealand, on the Scottish plateau, in Asian temples or even here on Sylt: every single picture by André Wagner magically manages to captivate the viewer and touch his soul.

The elaborate technical realisation of his ideas takes him days and sometimes even months. Wagner is a perfectionist and is not satisfied until the last detail is so coherent that the end result is a harmoniously coordinated work that expresses the artist's thoughts to perfection.